Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ferris Wharton statement on latest Beau Biden radio ads

Actions Speak Louder Than Words:

On Prosecuting Violent Criminals in Delaware

Biden says he wants to prosecute criminals in Delaware,

but Wharton has actually done it.

Wilmington, DE – Attorney General candidate Ferris W. Wharton today issued the statement below regarding radio advertisements by Beau Biden’s campaign.

“Beau Biden says he wants to work with police to identify and remove violent criminals from Delaware’s streets, but has never actually done so. For over 25 years I’ve worked side by side with local police in our communities to identify violent criminals and get them off our streets. I’ve been in our communities, at crime scenes and in the courthouse putting violent criminals in jail where they belong. Beau Biden hasn’t taken a single violent criminal off Delaware’s streets. Beau Biden’s ambition is no substitute for my accomplishments” said Ferris Wharton.

Total number of murderers taken off Delaware’s streets by Beau Biden: ZERO.

Total Number of rapists taken off Delaware’s streets by Beau Biden: ZERO.

Total number of other violent criminals taken off Delaware’s streets by Beau Biden: ZERO.

The following is list of just a few of the violent criminals who no longer pose a threat to our families because of Ferris Wharton’s work with our local police officers:

  • Tom Capano - murder
  • Keith Thompson – rape and kidnapping
  • David Hunter - rape
  • Jeffrey Davis - rape
  • Thomas Younger - multiple rapes
  • Clifford James - robbery and assault
  • Kevin Howard - multiple rapes
  • Samuel Bright – multiple rapes and kidnapping
  • Kimberly Kremer - assault
  • David Dawson - murder
  • Victor Sanchez - rape
  • Charles Getz - rape
  • Timmy Goodwin - rape
  • Christie Shipley - murder
  • Roland Daniels - manslaughter
  • Adan Alcocer - murder
  • Richard Thompson - murder
  • Randolph Graham - murder
  • Santise Robinson - murder
  • Steven Crawford - murder
  • Jermaine Wright - murder
  • Joyce Lynch – double murder and kidnapping
  • Lonnie Williams – double murder
  • Francis Ferrell – rape and kidnapping
  • Luis Reyes - multiple murders
  • Luis Cabrera - multiple murders
  • Michael Manley - murder
  • David Stevenson - murder
  • Carol Albanese - murder by abuse or neglect
  • Danny Hindt – manslaughter
  • Dirwin Harmon – rape, kidnapping, attempted murder
  • Harry Rhoades - vehicular homicide
  • Paul Leary - arson
  • Travis Leary - arson
  • Tyrone Faines - armed bank robbery

Ferris Wharton is one of Delaware’s most distinguished and experienced crime-fighters. At 53, Wharton has been a member of the Delaware Bar for 27 years. A prosecutor for over 25 years, Wharton has successfully put hundreds of murderers, rapists, and other dangerous criminals like Tom Capano behind bars. He has prosecuted at the state and federal level. Wharton is widely praised by Delaware leaders for his expertise, diligence, and competence in fighting for victims.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How could anyone in their right mind not vote for Wharton??

    8:39 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    12:33 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What a joke! Ferris Wharton is no better than his list of criminals. LIAR!

    6:52 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ferris Wharton says he is protecting our families? David Stevenson is no murderer. The judge on that case ASKED to be assigned to his case. Do your homework Ferris Wharton before you use an innocent man's name in your campain.

    9:43 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I beg your pardon!! He took Larry Sinclair off the street of washington D,C june 28 2008 with a warrant from Delaware (article)if you recall Larry sinclair is the one who accused Barack Obama of having a liason with him. dropped the charges aug 27 th the night of Joe Biden speech.

    tags attorney General obama sinclair

    2:08 AM  

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