Friday, September 01, 2006

Dopey local political line of the week

I guess when you got no shot, you have nothing to lose by uttering stupid lines like this:

"I go talk to people here, and I find that very few people know who he is. The only ones who do know him are in Dover."

This is from 7th representative district Democrat challenger Carl Colantuono, about House Majority Leader Wayne Smith.

How would I know that this utterance is nonsense? 'Cause as noted here, I've assisted in Smith's campaigns over the years, and the only people I've encountered in the 7th district (during my numerous journeys of "lit drops") who didn't know who Wayne is were people who had just moved in from other states. Wayne must wear out ten pairs of shoes during the months preceding an election, as he visits all the homes in his district. And if you doubt the power of Wayne's campaign's organizational prowess, one need look no further than his five-way primary win in 1990, and most recently his victory against longtime House incumbent Dave Brady after redistricting.

Colantuono's comment is just desperate drivel.

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